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Feature request: Repository based updates

Dear RoboDK Developers,

RoboDK is subject to frequent updates and bug fixes, which is good. But when you make several releases per week with the same version, you make everyone hesitate if he/she has the latest version installed. Also you have different plugins that do not come with installer and not mentioned in download page.

I wish you develop an update tool that would download only modified files with ability to download optional modules (like plugins).
Thank you for your feedback. We are now providing the plugins with our official Windows installer. They are located in the folder:

The SolidWorks and Mastercam plugin are installed automatically if you have SolidWorks and/or Mastercam. 

You can manually install the RoboDK plugin for Rhino by running the Rhino installer: 

You'll find more detailed information under the Plugins section of our documentation:
RoboDK Plug-In for SolidWorks:
RoboDK Plug-In for Mastercam:
RoboDK Plug-In for Rhino:

Also, to try or purchase the plugins for Alphacam, WorkNC or TopSolid you should contact Vero/Hexagon or Missler Software.

In the near future we'll have a website-based installer/updater. For now, the easiest way to know what changed is the What's new page:

Let me know if you have other questions or suggestions for updates.

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