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Franka Emika Panda Driver and post processor

Hello roboDK team,
my request is about the implementation of a driver and a post processor to control the robot Franka Emika - Panda. In the roboDK library already exists the robot, which allows to perform simulations. 

It would be interesting to connect the real robot to roboDK.
Is there already a test version of the driver? By default roboDK looks for a driver called FrankaDriver, but it does not exist in the folder 'RoboDK/api/Robot'.

In our lab we would be interested in testing the driver and helping with the development. 

Best regards,
hello all,
is there already something new about this? I would also like to run a Panda with RoboDK and I am looking for a postprocessor for it.
We do not have a post-processor for the Franka robot at the moment.
You can develop your own following this template:
For further assistance, you can contact us at
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