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Gcode import and 7th axis

Does the Gcode import work with 7th axis and how does it process the moves?

Assume robot reach is 1000mm
7th axis is 2500mm (X axis)

If the Gcode is a path 2000mm on X axis will RoboDK use the 7th axis simultaneously?

Or in CNC concepts will it run as a true 5 axis or will it be a 3+2 and step the 7th axis.

Ideally the video here shows the goal but was that programmed or was it through the Gcode import/plugins.

You can load a generic 5-axis NC or Gcode file in RoboDK. Then in RoboDK you have some settings to convert the 5-axis toolpath to a 6+N axis robot toolpath (where N is the number of external axes). You'll find additional settings in your robot machining project if you use external axes:

More information here to synchronize the robot with external axes and define your preferences on how you want to move the external axes:

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