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Generate circular movement program from curves

Hi, I have a problem with generating programs for circular movements as i need to minimize the points when the robodk generating linear movements. I have attached the curve and setting screenshots.

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The Program settings affect only program generation. RoboDK will still import all points from your NC files (G-code, APT, NCI, etc). However, the filter will be applied when you generate the program for your robot controller.
Yes I am having trouble generating programs with move C as a LS files. 
The number of points it is making with moveL is more than my robot controller can store. 
I have to reduce the number of points.

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If you obtain large programs, it should be easier to load a large program split into smaller programs for certain Fanuc controllers.

To solve this issue, you can split large programs into smaller subprograms by following these steps:

We also have a post processor called Fanuc_RJ3_DripFeed which allows you to remotely send the subprograms of a large program to the robot controller as the robot executes the program.

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