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How to convert circular to linear movements using MoveC_2_MoveL


I tried converting MoveC to MoveL using C:/RoboDK/Scripts/ .
However, the generated MoveL program drew a different trajectory from the MoveC program.
Could you please give me some advice to solve it?

Thank you.

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Are you using a coordinate system in your program?

Can you send us the RDK file and the steps to reproduce this issue?
Thank you for your reply.
I have attached the project.
I thought that something was wrong with the tool coordinates, so I tried changing them, but the movement did not change.

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.rdk   C2L_test1115.rdk (Size: 514.34 KB / Downloads: 64)
Circular movements require first moving to the start point. This point is not clear in your first program. 

To solve this issue you simply need to add a joint movement to the first point. You can see the fix in the attached example.

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.rdk   C2L_test1115-v2.rdk (Size: 545.46 KB / Downloads: 73)
solved. thank you.
Tried running the actual machine using the project provided.
However, it stops at each target and does not move smoothly.
Using rounding instructions didn't work either.
The robot used is Motoman HC10DTP.
Please give me some advice.
You can increase the tolerance in MM (parameter of the InstructionListJoints function). 

Also, you can use a rounding instruction to smooth the path and allow the robot to go through points in an approximate manner. You can find more information about the rounding instruction here:

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