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How to determine the time duration per instruction?

Hi, how can I determine the time duration that an instruction will take according to simulation?

E.g. I have a program with a few move instructions, I would like to determine the required move time for each separate instruction.

Related: can I separately execute the simulation of an individual instruction that is part of a program, and get a notice when done? If so, could I then use robodk.robomath.tic() and robodk.robomath.toc() before and after to measure the passed simulation time?

Best regards,

Hi Maarten,

You can get an estimate for the whole program using the API:
I do not know of a built-in way to get a per-instruction estimate.

You can add a program call in between instructions to a Python script that logs the time, but this in itself will change the cycle time.

You can also monitor the robot and log the joints and timings, see this example:
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