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How to give extra clearance in collision detection
We sometimes experience something like a robot does not collide with the device in a simulator, but it does hit peripheral equipment in an actual robot cell due to errors in setting positions.

In order to avoid it, we would like to request a feature such as giving some additional space to robots/grippers in using collision detection. 

If someone has the same issues and knows to solve them, please share your ideas.
Hi Hiroe,

You can attach transparent geometries to your robot links in RoboDK to add simulated "padding".
For instance, you could use scale a robot link by 10% and attach it to the robot as a transparent link.

Here are a few examples on how to attach to robot links: You can also calibrate frames in your RoboDK station using your robot (right click a frame->Define Reference Frame) to better represent the position of objects.

Finally, you can tune the collision check steps in Tools->Motion->Collision checking.
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