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How to transforming coordinates (yaskawa[MotoMan])


I operate automated manufacturing line that consist of Yaskawa(MotoMan) robots. (GP25, YRC1000)

I collect each axis's data that speed, position, torque, temperature by using customized collecting data program.

In position data, because I didn't know the option that 'cartesian position mode', all of my position data was saved with encoder pulse value.

To analyzing data, I have to transform that position value to xyz coordinates value.
(Of course I can get xyz position value by toggle cart pos mode option. But old data must be transformed either.)

Is there any module or function that can transform coordinates in RoboDK API?

You can convert from joint values to Cartesian values using SolveFK (Solve Forward Kinematics) and you can convert Cartesian values to Joint values using SolveIK (Solve Inverse Kinematics). This example shows how to use SolveFK and SolveIK:

Also, for Yaskawa Motoman robots specifically, you should convert pulse data to joint values in degrees using the Pulses/degree ratio. More information here:
Thank you for your kind reply. I will review the method you suggested.
Let us know if you need help. We can help you make a Python script to iterate through the list of joint values, convert them to joint values given the pulses/degree and calculate the Cartesian position.

We would need the ALL.PRM file of your Yaskawa Motoman robot, the robot model and the list of targets as a CSV file or other readable text format.

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