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Importing KUKA .src into RoboDK

Hi, I tried to import a Kuka .src file in RDK, I can't simulate it, I'm trying to simulate the program made manually in the Kuka Kr30 L16

I think that RoboDK cannot solve the robot axis positions

Attached Files
.rdk   Cirt celda prueba.rdk (Size: 646.09 KB / Downloads: 505)
.src   soldar_circ.src (Size: 2.53 KB / Downloads: 556)
.src   solda_placa_raiz.src (Size: 6.21 KB / Downloads: 469)
Hi dmmaya,

Importing manually written .src file is not an officially supported feature.
You can usually retrieve some movements and targets.

But, unfortunately, I tried your file and they don't produce any interesting results.

But, on a good note, the way you created your station (robot, turntable, linear track, frames) looks good considering the pictures you sent in another thread.
You are on the right path.

Have a great day.
thanks Jeremy! In this week I will try programs in the physical welding cell, any recommendations?

Make sure to take a look at this part of the documentation before getting started:


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