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Insert Code after Movement

Hi Guys,

I do have a delicate Problem.
We perform lasercutting with a kuka KR30 and a fiber laser (plus Head of course).
We inlcude a PV correction (if Robot slow then decrease Power) which is useful for cutting tight corners.

The thing is...before each cutting process the laser "drills" a starting hole and then starts with the actual cutting geometry...which means, that the starting speed is zero and therefore the cutting power is zero (but of course it should start with max. Power).

So I would need the PP to identify the first actual cutting movement.

One method would be to wait for the "laser on" function call and then pass one movement (doesnt matter if LIN, CIRC or whatever) and insert code after that.

How can that be achieved?
If you are using a machining project in RoboDK, you can find program events to which you can perform additional / custom commands.

More info here:
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