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Irregular movements when following an imported curve (.csv)


I am in the process of getting the robot to follow a curve that I imported through a .csv file. The curve is easily selected and everything is recognized, but for some reason whenever I simulate it it moves over the set of points over and over and in irregular movements. I want it to move from one end to the other end. Here is my .rdk file. The angles at each of these points seem to be fine, but I just want it to move from one end to the other. As far as I know the points are in "order".

P.S. I have attached my .csv file of my curve and the .rdk file for my entire project through google drive links, but I will also attach them here.

Thank you,

Edit: Here is a video of what my simulation is doing.

The download link for the CSV refers to the .rdk.
I exported the curve from the sample object to a CSV and the points are in mixed order.
Can you send me the source CSV file?
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