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Jog real robot using RoboDK

Is it possible to jog the Mecademic Meca500 using the USB joystick (sold by Mecademic, see the link bellow) ?

Actually, if we need to teach a real position in RoboDK, we need to :

- Disconnect from the robot in the RoboDK software, 
- Connect to robot using its web page, 
- Jog the robot using the Joystick to the desired position,
- Disconnect from the web page
- Connect to robot using RoboDK
- Get robot position,
- And finally teach a new or modify an existing target

Is there a better way to do it?

Thank you
Yes, there is a better way to do it. You can use the Robot Pilot plugin. 

You can follow these steps to activate and use the robot pilot plugin:
  1. Select Tools-Plug Ins
  2. Activate the robot pilot plugin
  3. Select Utilities-Robot pilot (or right click the robot and select Robot Pilot)
  4. You can select the "Run on robot" option to move the real robot by increments

I activated the RobotPilot plugin in the tool menu but I don't see the Robot Pilot option in the Utilities menu or when I right click on the robot, you can see the screenshots attached

My software is up to date, version 5.2.5

Please let me know what I missed

Best regards

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Click on "tools"
Its the first one on top the top.


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