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Kuka LBR and RoboDK
Hi, are there any instructions how to connect RoboDK to a Kuka iiwa LBR?
We don't support a driver for the KUKA LBR at this moment. On the other hand, you shouldn't have any issues generating JAVA robot program files offline (Java Sunrise).

More information about post processors here:
Thank you, I will check it!
Hello, as for the posting in 2018, It says that RoboDK does not support KUKA LBR.
Does still not support LBR, or if you have future plan to support, please let me know.
Hi, Hiroe.

Never tried RoboDK with LBR iiwa myself, but I think it is now supported. Take a look at the picture below.


I'm using RoboDK 4.2.3.
Is there driver being updated or supported for KUKA LBR iiwa R800 now with RoboDK?

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