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MoveL not working while moveJ workx perfectly


I'm using a Kuka KR10 r900 sixx and a KR C4 compact controler. 

When I run my pythons program on the robot using Execute on Robot, when I did, I got an error from the SmartPad saying "COM_FRAME incorrect value" with Cause : /R1/ROBODKSYNC35 . 

I've figure out it's from using robot.MoveL(target) because when I use robot.MoveJ(target), it works perfectly. However, for my application, I would need to use MoveL. I don't see the difference between the two functions resulting in an incorrect frame value. 

I've got educational license and I'm new to the field so it might be something obvious but yet I don't see it. 

Could you please help me resolve this problem ? 

Thank you
Take a look at our online documentation regarding KUKA drivers:
You can also take a look at the driver log with Connect->Show Log.

Are the Cartesian values from the target reachable? Can you try target.setParam("Recalculate") before calling MoveJ?
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Hi again,

Thank for you reponse.

I found a solution for my problem and I share if some novice like me face the same problem.

I just had to modify in the RobotDkSync35 the case 3 by replacing COM_Frame by COM_E6POS. It seems the case 3 correspond to the moveL movement and that the value of the target using moveL is in COM_E6POS and not in COM_Frame.

Works perfectly now,

Thanks again.
We recently updated our driver for KUKA robots. You should update both RoboDK software and the RoboDKsync.src file. The workaround you applied may work for some movements but it won't work with other features such as changing the tool or reference frames.

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