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MoveL_test input issue in .Net application

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the MoveL_Test function in a .Net application with the RoboDK API. I'm having trouble with an unexpected error.
The function (FunctionNetApplication.png) requires the joints of the two poses, when I use the joints of the second pose for j2 it returns the following error (error.png) which leads back to the MoveL_Test function.
Other references (like here *) suggest that the pose (Mat) should be used as the input of the end target.
Is it a mistake from my side? or is this a bug present in the .Net application?


Kind regards,

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I'm pretty sure the MoveL_Test requires the pose as a mat and not J2, it looks like a copy-paste from the MoveJ_Test issue.

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We just pushed an update on GitHub to fix this issue (MoveL_Test on the C# NuGet API).

MoveL_Test takes a pose as the second parameter. 

This is the correct function:
public int MoveL_Test(double[] j1, Mat t2, double minstepDeg = -1)
var command = "CollisionMoveL";
Link.send_int((int) (minstepDeg * 1000.0));
Link.ReceiveTimeout = 3600 * 1000;
var collision = Link.rec_int();
Link.ReceiveTimeout = Link.DefaultSocketTimeoutMilliseconds;
return collision;

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