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No accelerations included for Mecademic postprocessor?

Hi, I’m generating a robot program for a Meca500. The program is a “set speed” instruction, in which I have specified speed and accelerations for both linear and joint speeds (see attached image). Using the Mecademic postprocessor, the generated output file however does not include any acceleration commands, only the velocities:

// Program generated by RoboDK v5.3.0 for Mecademic Meca500 R3 on 25/10/2021 11:41:51
// Using nominal kinematics.
SetJointVel( 150.000)

I would expect it to include Mecademic’s SetjointAcc(%) and SetCartAcc(%) commands. What should I do to have these acceleration instructions included? (I’ve tried the Universal Robots postprocessor as a test instead, and it does include the acceleration instructions).

Also, for the joint acceleration the set-values-dialog states units [deg/s2] but Mecademic’s SetjointAcc(%) command uses a percentage. How is this dealt with by RoboDK?

Kind regards,


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Hi Marteen,

We added a section for Mecademic in our online documentation, where you can find more information related to the Meca500 and RoboDK.

The units for speed and acceleration that differs from the dialog are reported here:

We also released a new version of the Mecademic Post-Processor to support accelerations (RoboDK v5.3.0 (2021-10-19):
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Thanks Sam, I installed that release and accelerations are now included. Noteworthy that the (Mecademic/Mecademic Python) postprocessor automatically limits the values entered in the set values dialog of the "set speed" instruction to:

Linear speed <= 1000 mm/s
Linear acceleration <= 600 %
Joint speed <= 100 %
Joint acceleration <= 150 %

which match the limits of the Meca500 as specified in its programming manual.

Kind regards,


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