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Object Recognition using Camera
Hello, I have recently acquired RoboDK and am new to the program. I saw a few post about using OpenCV for pick and place operations and would like to do something similar. I have a camera set up over a work area and would like to have an object in that work area. This object should be detected by the camera then the arm should move to pick up this object. I am not sure if there is a built in function for this but I am open to using something like OpenCV. Not sure if this is possible or even the best way but could I map the position of a target to the position of target in RoboDK. In conclusion, I need some guidance on how to extract the live coordinates of an object and have the robot move to pick it up then complete and action with it.
There are a few examples using OpenCV in the Python API documentation:
You will have to define your own script, as we have not released a built-in function for this yet.

Can you provide more details on your setup? Can you attach your station?
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