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Object alignment

Hi, Im currently working on robodk program for my drilling robot. However Im facing some problem when I run the program file on the real robot (UR robot), there are some offset from actual hole's position where the are suppose to be at. maximum offset 3mm. The offset is not same for all holes. I used the "Define a reference frame" function in RoboDK to locate the objects in the robodk environment. Question is, what are the possible solution to solve this offset problem?
Did you load the controller kinematics in RoboDK?

This procedure is explained in this section of the documentation:
Yes I did try with and without robot controller kinematics. Both produced some offset. Is there any other method (other than probbing) to locate the object in the robodk as same as in real environment?
Did you properly set the tool in RoboDK (TCP)? The TCP definition in RoboDK and the robot should match.

More information about defining your tool here:

It would be great if you can provide the RDK file you used to calibrate the tool and reference so we can help you better troubleshoot.
Hi, I did define the TCP. However at some points there are still got some offset. Here I share the RDK file and URP FILE for kinematic update.

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.urp   aligment_flat.urp (Size: 1.46 KB / Downloads: 460)
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