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Origin for machining

Hi, I need help. I am an absolute beginner in robotics. In the program I created a station with my robot and a turntable. I generated simple paths for machining. When the program is without a turntable, the spindle start milling in correct position. When I use a rotary table, the spindle right at the beginning wants to go somewhere else - I assume to the zero of the robot. Everything is correct in the simulation. I'm sure it's a small thing, but I can't find a fault. Many thanks, Honza

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You should properly configure your turntable so the robot controller is aware of it. When you go to the origin of your coordinate system, the robot should go towards the origin of the turntable.
Many thanks. So, do I understand correctly that I have everything correct in the RoboDK?

Is it necessary to change the zero point setting directly in the KUKA controller, via Teach Pendant?
You should configure your external axes using these 2 configuration files:
  • KRC\R1\System\$config.dat
  • KRC\R1\Mada\$machine.dat
When the external axes are properly configured on the robot controller, you simply need to load the turntable root point to RoboDK.

You can find more information here:
Thanks. I see that the same thing has already been discussed here several times. I assumed that I can only change the position of the rotary table in RoboDK according to the current need and the position will be set for the KUKA robot.
I think the turntable is calibrated in my robot. I can move it around, it even goes to the home position when the program starts. However, it will probably be necessary to set current location. However, I am afraid to overwrite anything on robot controller. Can you please show me where to write the values of the current table position in the files? I would like to add that, for example, for the current program, the position of the turntable (relative to the Base of the robot) is X+1800mm ;Y0; Z+185mm

Many thanks for your time and support!

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I've made some progress again. I understood that I need to have the tool defined and the root point of the external kinematics. I already have both defined (measured), but nothing has changed yet. The basic generation of the program is with the settings tool 0 and base 0. I rewrote it to values tool 1 a Base 1. I have deleted the spindle start-up data, which I will control manually for now. The first run of the tool over the material is correct, but then the arm still folds into itself.

Included with the files: generated program, config and photo.

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We recently improved the KUKA section of our documentation to include tips about how to configure external axes:
Many thanks. I'm trying to rewrite the values according to the instructions, but my generated program looks a little different, I can't find the necessary values.
Postprocessor is KUKA KRC4 No Limit.

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You should update the header of your KUKA SRC program or customize setFrame function of your post processor to properly configure your system.
So do I understand correctly that the RoboDK does not generate the header correctly? Don't you know why the program header is different than in the manual on this site?

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