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Positioner Table Setup

I have a 6 axis robot arm and 2 axis positioner table. The CAD has them positioned approximately correct, but I need to dial it in further, within 1mm.

The only way I seem to be able to adjust the axis of rotation of the positioner table relative to the 6 axis robot arm is by 1) calculating the positional offset from 180 degree rotations, 2) removing the sync between the two systems, then 3) manually adjusting the positioner table top level reference frame.

Is there a better way to calibrate the positioner table relative to the robot arm? The calibration tool for a turntable will create a reference frame at the intersection of the tilt and rotation of the positioner, not at the positioner table base.

You should follow these steps to calibrate a 2-axis turntable:
This will place the coordinate system at the intersection of the 2 axes, with the Z axis pointing along the second axis. You should then offset the turntable tool flange along the Z axis by the nominal distance of the turntable flange. This is part of the turntable kinematics.

If you were able to collect the data, can you provide the RDK project file? We can better take a look.
I got things working. To clarify for future users:
1) make a new ref frame
2) calibrate new reference frame using appropriate calibration tool (1 or 2 axis)
3) remove sync between robot and positioner
4) copy reference frame data from calibrated frame to positioner table top level frame (x, y, not z, and rotations)
5) sync the updated positioner table and robot

One more note:
the y axis generated goes from the frame origin to the last point measured. Therefore the last point on the calibration should be a full rotation. If your y-axis seems to be pointing in an odd direction, add another rotational calibration point at some integer multiple of 360 (robodk says to always increase the value).

I found doing 8-10 points from 0 to 360 (including 0 and 360) worked well.
Excellent, thank you for your feedback!

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