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Problem with generating program to Epson RC


I have run into an issue with the Epson RC post processor, linear movements are not converted properly for some reason. Every time I've tried it generates a code with a 180 degree rotation along the x-axis (on a SCARA robot). Joint movements work fine though.

Any help would be appreciated.

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.txt   Test.txt (Size: 840 bytes / Downloads: 321)
I'm also having problem with the joint movements, as no matter what I do the tool axis does not rotate. This is necessary since the tool needs to remain parallel to the x-axis.
Hi Petrus,

I'll be happy to help you solve these issues.

What "issue" are you facing? An error message?
Can you provide the .rdk file you used for your tests?
That will help me help you.

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Hi Jeremy!

I'm using RoboDK to import a path i wrote in gcode, no problems there. The problem is that when I generate programs for my Epson RC something goes wrong. I can successfully generate a program consisting of joint movements, but then the tool won't adjust its rotation to be parallel to the the x-axis. 

When I try to generate programs consisting of linear movements they don't convert properly into the Epson language. The generated commands for linear movements uses absolute coordinates in conjunction with a relative move command (TMove), this causes problems since the relative coordinate system (TLSet) is also wrong. It also includes strange rotations, like an -180 degree rotation around the x-axis (on a SCARA robot).

Iv'e attached my gcode, generated Epson program and my station in RoboDK.

Thank you for taking your time.

Attached Files
.txt   PCB_Coordinates.txt.txt (Size: 1.3 KB / Downloads: 353)
.rdk   Epson T6 602S Station_Gcode.rdk (Size: 8.67 MB / Downloads: 366)
.txt   Program_JointMovement.txt (Size: 5.41 KB / Downloads: 368)
.txt   Program_LinearMovement.txt (Size: 6.25 KB / Downloads: 357)

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