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Problems connecting to Fanuc LR Mate 200iD

Hello i am using a Fanuc LR Mate 200iD (controller: R-30iB Mate Plus) and I am trying to connect it with RoboDK using the educational license.
I have set the IP of the robot to The one of my laptop is I can ping the robot successfully.

I tried to connect to the robot with Filezilla and Port 21. I get a ready Robot, but I can't move it when i click "get position" or "move joints". Also the connection breaks down for a moment when i click "get position". A disabled Firewall didn't solve the problem.
I set FTP-Username and FTP-password on robot and used driver "FanucSM".

My Questions about Filezilla:
1) Is Filezilla the right way to do this?
2) Do I need Filezilla to transfer Programs or to run them on the robot?
3) Which are the correct settings (Remote FTP path....) to avoid the error in the attached picture "Filezilla Error Message"?

Further Questions:
1) Now I found something about a RoboDK driver for FANUC in the docu.  (RoboDK driver for Fanuc - RoboDK Documentation) There they use Port 2000. Is this the correct one?
2) Furthermore, there are some "Fanuc driver program files" which should be transfered to the robot. But there is not written how they could be transfered and into which directory?

Can someone help me please and give me a step by step instruction to make this work? 
I am a new RoboDK user...

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The robot driver and FileZilla are two completely different things:
  • FileZilla is an FTP client that allows you to transfer files between your robot controller and the computer. Fanuc requires using port 21 (FTP), some robot controllers require using port 22 (SFTP). This setting applies to FileZilla or any FTP client you would like to use. Specifically for Fanuc, you should set the remote path to a forward slash to properly retrieve the directory of your robot controller. You can find more information here:
  • The robot driver allows you to move the robot remotely from your computer, using RoboDK. You can choose any port that is available. Port 21 won't be available to be used with the driver because it is reserved for FTP protocol. Also, port 80 is probably reserved for the web server (HTTP protocol). There can be other ports reserved for other services or custom applications. Setting up the driver requires following this procedure from our documentation (and we recommend using port 2000):
- I get the same error if I provide a forward slash...

- Yes I have seen the documentation for the driver and I had also linked it in my message above...
Okay then I will try it with port 2000.
Back to my questions regarding the driver:
There are some "Fanuc driver program files" which should be transfered to the robot. How should they be transfered to the robot (Filezilla, USB drive, ...)? Where do they have to be transfered (which directory)?
The driver files or any TP, KL, or PC files should be transferred to the FR drive and you can then load them from the teach pendant. You can load them using a USB drive or through FTP.

Make sure you have the FTP server enabled on the Fanuc controller before you try connecting to the FTP server.
ok, thank you. We will try it next week.

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