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Remote control of UR10e over internet

I would like to hear if you have any experiences on using RoboDK to online/offline programming of UR robots over internet.

Some remote desktop application should be simple (?), but if there is other ideas, it would be interesting to hear of.

We have a project in University with UR10e. We would like to build remote control access to this cell. Preferable features for the project we are aiming:
-User management 
-Connection and control over UR Polyscope interface
-File management of UR
-Connection with RoboDK, preferably software on remote PC
-Webcam streaming

Lately I've been looking into IXON cloud for UR, which would apparently offer the control over Polyscope and user management, but still researching if it could be used for additional connections (RoboDK, Webcam) too.

I would appreciate your experiences! Thanks

As there isn't just one answer, I ask our team what they thought.

In theory, a robot can be moved remotely, you simply need to properly establish the network, FTP protocol and plain Socket should work.
But ensuring a secured communication in such a case might be hard to achieve. In a closed network, that's not an issue, but in an opened one...

Remote desktop is what I would go for, I think it's easier and more secure.

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