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Connect to UR5
Hi Albert.

Thanks for your reply. I have full administrator rights on all the computers I have tried. Antivirus has been disabled with no change in the connection status.

The fact that I can connect the PC to a UR5 running a CB3 controller and it connects without issue means its not an issue with the network, port, or the establishment of the server as you indicate - it must be something else specific to the older CB2 controller.
Are you using a recent version of RoboDK?
Did you set the controller variable to 1 as specified here?

Do you get any errors or warnings on the robot?
On a command line window (Windows key + Run, then, type cmd), type:
You should see your computer's IP listed with the port (the port you specified in the connection parameters)
Hi Albert.

I have answered your questions in previous posts:

- latest version of RoboDK
- variable set to 1
- no errors or warnings

Using netstat and TCPView for Windows (part of Windows Sysinternals), I can see connections being negotiated and established with our CB3-based UR5, but with the CB2-based UR5 the connection is never established. Instead, it gets stuck in the listening state. I am currently running SW 1.8.16941, having downgraded from SW 1.8.25319 to see if it was a UR software issue, but the situation remains the same. I am currently trying to determine the software version that originally shipped with the CB2 robot - I believe it was 1.8.16941, but am verifying with our local agent to be sure.
Having downgraded through several software revisions with no change in outcome, the only conclusion I am able to draw is that it is not possible to use RoboDK with a CB2-based UR5. Again, if any readers of this thread have managed to successfully connect to their CB2-based UR5 using RoboDK, please let the rest of us know, as at this stage I am out of ideas.
Let's try to set up the UR driver manually:
  1. Take the file attached and update the IP and port in the first 2 lines (IP of the robot and the communication port you specify in RoboDK).
  2. You can load the attached file on the robot and run it (you'll need to setup a new program to run a script file as shown here).
  3. You may see errors in the log (let me know if this is the case).
If you don't see any errors it means something is blocking the connection (firewall, antivirus or Windows user account control doesn't let you setup a server connection).

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I think i might solved this problem.
I tried to connect to robot by using RoboDK on my PC and directly connection with Ethernet cable to Control Box.
The problem was that every time i tried clicking on "Connect" button there was "Waiting" status and nothing happened.

1) I pluged Ethernet cable to router and connected my PC to that router by WiFi to that router. Then I set DHCP to assigns an IP address in PolyScope on control panel (touchscreen) and entered the same address in RoboDK on PC.
2) Robot MUST be in operational mode.

After I have done 1) and 2) robot the connection between PC and CB was established. I think that point 1) is not and issue and a real problem was point 2).

My UR robot is UR10e. I disabled all antivirus and windows firewall. I set remote control on touchscreen.
If that helped, you can send me a bottle of good whiskey :)

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