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Hi, I'm a student at university currently using RoboDK for an automation project.

Today we decided to try out the VR function, we have some universal robots, a HTC Vive headset  and a digital Twin of the lab.

It's very cool to be able to manipulate the robots in VR, but is there any way to teach targets or current position through the VR simulation?

Kind regards,
Hi Jordan,

This is currently not possible. However, with the latest version of RoboDK you can trigger your own scripts by selecting specific objects. You can configure this in the Events section of an object. I attached a sample project that shows how to set this up.

If you want to teach a target you could do so by having an object "button" that you can point/select from your VR virtual environment which triggers your script to teach a target.

For example this would teach a new target:
RDK = Robolink()
target = RDK.AddTarget("VR Target")
Any new target you add is automatically set to the current robot position. You can also modify the pose or joints of a target using setPose and setJoints.



Attached Files
.rdk   VR Sample Events.rdk (Size: 701.28 KB / Downloads: 5)

I try to use the RoboDK with a HTC Vive, but I can’t send out the picture tot he headset.
I try the RoboDK 4.01 with 30day Demo licenc. It can use VR or need full licenc for this or need any setup for this?
The SteamVR is on the PC and work nice.

Is there any TIP what we see to resolve this?

Best Regards,

Hi Tibi,

VR is only supported on Windows 64 bit version of RoboDK at this moment.
Did you try with this version of RoboDK?
Did you install SteamVR and Vive Port?
What issues do you see?

Hi Tibi,

I realized there was an issue with VR and it was not working properly. We just fixed this issue with the latest version. Keep in mind that VR will only work on Windows 64 bit for now.


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