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RoboDK as an Elfin or Aubo programming interface?

I understand that robodk provide a convienient programming interface for well known robots. I see it also as an interresting robot abstraction layer able to help a lot with most robot processes for these manufacturers.

Few questions about others since we think about challenging our UR based system:

Is it possible to program new/cheaper robot like Elfin or Aubo iX with robodk now?
I mean: is robodk able to generate a robot-specific low-level or high-level program for them?
If not, is it planned on the roadmap?

Thank you.

Hi Alex,

All robots are equally supported in RoboDK, however, some limitations may apply depending on the robot you have.

You'll find Aubo and Elfin HAN's robots in RoboDK's library:
You should not have any issues with Aubo and the default post processor. We are also adding the option to run CSV files for AUBO robots (smoother paths). We don't have a post for Elfin robots yet but if you can share a programming manual and some program examples we can add it.

We still don't have drivers for these robots (option to communicate directly with the PC). I'm not sure if this is an option but we look forward to adding it if it is.


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