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Hello Team
Have you had any feedback on connecting a DOBOt CR5 with robodk?
If so, do you have the procedure for connecting or transferring the program
Thanks in advance
Ned C. Need-Robotics
Hi Ned,

There is a DobotDriver in the folder "C:/RoboDK/api/Robot.
This means that it should be possible to connect to the robot.

I personally never tried it with a Dobot, but for other brands it's pretty much as simple as:
1- Right-click the robot -> "Connect to the robot".
2- Enter the right IP address and verify if you can "ping" the controller.**
3- Then "Connect".

**But the Dobot seems to be using a COM port (COM4) by default and not Ethernet IP.

Did you try that?
Hello Jeremy Sorry for the delay in my response we will test the support this week
Thank you
Ned C. Need-Robotics

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