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Robotiq Wrist Camera

Has anyone setup programs for a Robotiq wrist camera, UR10e robot with RoboDK?

I am looking to assembly many parts to a piece of glass, the glass is screen printed but it has some clear windows in it.

I want to achieve many tasks with the camera.
  1. Scan a Bar or QR code to identify which parts are being assembled, which can then determine the correct program to run.
  2. Use the camera to determine the variable target positions on the glass part, (e.g find the centre of the clear window).
  3. Then place many parts on the glass relative to the camera's determined targets.
I'm a newbie to this so any help would be appreciated.

Hi Aaron,

Are you planning on driving the robot and processing images from RoboDK during production?
If not, RobotiQ have a few algorithms that can run natively on the UR. 
Take a look at their download page:

You can also use RoboDK and OpenCV to do it yourself, for more flexibility and ease of development.
We're building up some code samples in our Python documentation that use OpenCV to process images.

Here are a few you might be interested in:

You will have to connect the wrist camera through USB on the host computer and verify that it is supported by using cv2.VideoCapture(0).

Let me know how it goes!
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