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SolidWorks - LoadCurves issue

Hi there,

recently I have tried to make a path on an example that can be seen in attachment (RoboDK - LoadCurves1.png).
I have used AutoSetup on letter L that is shown in picture. So far so good, but problem start with adding another path to RoboDK with function LoadCurves in SolidWorks. After applying LoadCurves on letter S in SolidWorks, CAD model and path made on L letter disappear, visible is only path on S letter. (you can see that in attachment RoboDK - LoadCurves2.png). 
I have tried all Object export options under settings in SolidWorks RoboDK Add-In (default, stl, igs, step) and none of that options makes any difference.  

Any other ideas what I could be doing wrong? 

Thanks in advance, Jakob

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Hi Jakob,
You should be able to change the name of your object in the RoboDK settings (plug-in for SolidWorks settings). Alternatively, if you rename the object once it is loaded in RoboDK it should not disappear either.
Hi Albert,
I have tried the way you wrote and it works, thanks.
Another question on same topic. Each time I want to import another/new curve on the same object I have to change Object name so that curve appear in RoboDK, else previous disappear?
Hi Jakob,

You can prevent RoboDK from overriding your 3D models by unchecking the Override checkbox. 

More information here:


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