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TCP orientation for drilling operations


I'm working on setting up a drilling operation for an ABB 1200. The program is to drill a series of holes at four different angles. Depending on which holes are being drilled and their respective angles, the TCP rotation about the Z-axis needs to change to allow for clearance of the spindle above the stock and the workbench. Is it possible to allow the TCP to rotate freely about the Z-axis? Or can I assign different TCPs in the same program to accomplish this?

Very new to robot programming so please forgive any errors in my description of what I'm trying to achieve.



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Hi there,

In tools -> Options -> CAM, there a check box called "Allow automatic collision avoidance".

Try checking this box and re-updating your "Point follow project".
(Note that the calculation time can take some time with this option)

Let me know if it helps.
Have a great day.

Thanks! I checked that box and updated my toolpath but that didn't change anything. Can you clarify what you mean by "point follow project"? I am working with CAM that was imported directly from Fusion 360.
Ho, sorry, I thought you were using another method.

Can you send me your Fusion and RDK file?
You can just attach them to your post.

Have a great day and a great weekend.
The forum denied that attachment stating that it is a file type that isn't allowed, is there another way I can share it with you?
.rdk   GOA.rdk (Size: 5.37 MB / Downloads: 470)  - also, an unrelated problem I am running into is not being able to simulate the code from RoboDK in Robot Studio
You may have to implement the following 2 functions:
  • SetTool: allows you to trigger a tool change, if required
  • SetRPM: allows you to control the RPM of your spindle
If you are just running a test and you prefer not to integrate tool changing and spindle RPM control you can just remove these 2 lines. You can also remove the event that triggers this call in the program events menu.


By the way, I see you attached an RDK file. If the file format you are trying to send is not allowed you can compress it to a ZIP folder and attach it.
Thanks Albert - I appreciate the help!

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