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Test moving MH80 from one point to another

    I am currently starting working with a Motoman MH80 robot with DX100 controller. I'm still new to using both robodk and robot. I tried to create a simple program containing motion commands from one point to another. i generated program using robodk and imported to DX100. When i run the job, the robot dont move at all. I cheked the position and i found out that the position in program, which is like C0001 doesn't get in to position variable in pendant. I know it because the value of position variable in pendant still zero. Do i have to do any setting to control motion of robot mh50 through robodk?
if u have any suggestion, please tell me
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It's necessary to use actual pulses per degree values in the robot parameters:
Thanks for your suggestion. Since I was still unfamiliar with robot, can you tell me where I can find ALL.PRM file or can you show me which value is wrong from my robot parameter below?
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You should update the pulses/degree information to propery generate programs for Yaskawa Motoman robots.

This section of the documention explains how to do that:

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