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VSCode renaming scripts & others


I have started using RoboDK two days ago, interesting and handy. 


1- While using VSCode as a python editor, opening a script may cause a renaming of the script. Script for example will be renamed to if the editor is closed and reopened. the second time etc. This may become an issue when the played script (via RoboDK buttons) and the modified script are no longer the same.

2- I didn't find an out-of-the-shelve and simple way to stop and reset the whole simulation in once.

3- Once an item is moved in the scene from pose A to pose B, the Undo action moves back the item from pose B to pose A gradually. Maybe this is a wanted feature, but i think it is not that handy, that's subjective :).

4- In the Python API side, we can load an item by name using RDK.item(name,...). If the specified name is not found, RDK links an other item with a close name to the one provided or links the first item if a random name is provided. I think this is error prune for development and showing an error of unfound item may be more handy, less sophisticated but more handy :). That's also a subjective point of vue.

5- Stop and resume button do not stop conveyors, but this is a known issue i think.


Thank you for your feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve RoboDK.

1- This is normal. RoboDK hosts your Python script within the station, and when you open it for edits, it actually creates a python script in the %TEMP% folder with a unique number on it. Once your are done editing, the file is deleted and saved back into the station.

2- We typically create a Program that resets the robots, conveyors, and objects to a desired pose. You can also script that by recording all the items positions into a JSON for instance and save it as a parameter into your station.

4- I do not disagree with your statement. You can create a function to make sure it does exist.
def getItemName(RDK, name, type):
item = RDK.Item(name, type)
if not item.Valid() or item.Name() != name:
raise Exception("Item not found")

5- Currently, conveyors are Python scripts that are not necessarily "ticked" by the simulation. The new conveyors scripts should sync with the simulation using these commands:
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Thank you for your answers. I took note of them.


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