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setMachiningParameters additional options - defining the algorithm


I am currently working on setting up a curve-follow-project using the Python API.

I need to specify the algorithm to "Robot holds object & follows path". (See picture)
Currently I have to do that by hand.


setMachiningParameters(ncfile='', part=0, params='')
offers the opportunity to define additional options (params=...), like the tool orientation or the approach path. But I can't find any information in the documentation (Python and C++) on how to define the algorithm. Or a general overview of all options, which would be very helpful.
Hi Markus,

This example shows how you can change any setting in the robot machining menu, including the program events, using a dictionary (or a JSON string):
The next example shows how you can change the optimization parameters if you have external axes.

This method was added recently so I recommend you to update RoboDK.


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