4 Comments on “Conveyor Simulation with RoboDK”

  1. Hi ,

    I am new to Robot simulation.

    I am trying to add station to the RoboDK and then mount two Abb Robot on it,.
    I have saved the station (3D model as Obj). But I am not sure to mount the Robot on the station.

    As some How I am not able to mount / merge the two co-ordinate systems origin.
    Do you have video/literature, where it explains, How build up a station ?

    Please provide you feed back/ the way to do it?


  2. In RoboDK, there is the option to use linear constraints on a joint move. (meaning that max velocity and acceleration of the TCP are constrained). Does it make any sense? Is this option applicable in a real situation and why? (I am referring specifically to a UR10 robot)

    Thank you in advance.

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