Why Robot Integrators Close More Contracts with RoboDK

Are you a robot integrator or systems integrator that specializes in automation?

Do you want to close more contracts with new customers?

But are you struggling to get them to say “yes?”

You are not alone. Getting new customers to agree to your robotic solution is a challenge for many robot integrators. Even if they seemed to be very interested in your solution at the start, it’s often difficult to get them to make that ultimate commitment.

As an integrator, you help your customers by designing, building, and installing robotic systems. You know the value that robotic automation can bring to their business because you have seen companies achieving that value many times before.

But, it doesn’t matter what type of companies you work with – whether large corporations or small businesses – you need to demonstrate that value to your potential customers. If they can’t see exactly how your robotic solution will work in the real world, they will probably delay or even turn down your solution.

How can you demonstrate this value effectively? Here’s how…

The Costly Challenge of Convincing Customers

Acquiring new customers is challenging for any business. But it can be especially tough for robot integrators.

The problem is that robotic systems are complex. There are a lot of moving parts – both literally and figuratively – and robotic technology is new to most people. Your potential customers are probably unaware of all the components that go into a robot system.

This means that they will probably find it hard to visualize the solution in their process. They might understand the overall value of having automation but can’t see the specific impact the robot will have on their workflow.

There are so many qualities you need as a robot integrator to create a thriving business, including having extensive knowledge of the market and technology, understanding your client’s businesses, and clear and defined systems and business processes.

But, probably the most important skill is the ability to communicate the value of your solutions to your potential customers.

Why Some Customers Delay Saying “Yes”

There are many reasons that a new customer might not want to – or be able to – say “Yes” right away. Robotic systems can be a significant investment for some companies, both in terms of budget, time, and the upheaval required changes to their other processes to accommodate the robot.

Some people might be skeptical about the cost of robotic integration. In this case, helping them to calculate the return on investment (ROI) and payback time can be a handy tool.

Other people may be skeptical about the robot’s effectiveness in their specific setting. They might be unsure that the robot will really bring the benefits that you tell them it will.

Other reasons that people might delay saying “yes” to your proposed solution include:

  • They feel they do not understand the technology enough to make an informed decision.
  • They want to see the robot in action before deciding if it is right for them.
  • They need to convince other people in their company before they can agree (such as convincing the management).
  • They are worried about how the robot system might impact their current processes.

In these cases, there is one tool that can make it much easier for you to get people to agree to your solution…

How to Convince More Customers to Agree

How do you give people evidence that a robot solution will work for them? Show them!

When people buy robotic solutions, the one thing that most people say is convincing is when they can see the robot in action.

The problem with robotic solutions is that they usually need integration before you can show the robot in action. This is especially true with those solutions that you create as a robot integrator, which are often customized to the specific needs of the customer.

You don’t want to do a lot of costly integration work to create a physical mock-up just for the customer to turn around and reject your proposal.

What if there is a way to quickly and cheaply create a working model of a robot that can convince customers?

Robot simulation can be an incredible tool for getting more customers to agree to your proposed solutions.

With a good simulation, you can give your new customers the confidence that they need to feel comfortable to go ahead with the sale.

RoboDK: A Vital Tool to Close More Deals

RoboDK is a powerful robot simulation software that integrators like to use to create realistic robot simulations for their clients.

With RoboDK, you can quickly and easily create a working 3D model of your proposed solution. You can then share this with your potential customers so they can see the solution in action in their process.

This not only gives new customers the confidence to accept your proposals. It also allows your customers to give feedback on the solution so that you can change your robotic system that truly works for their needs.

Once everyone has signed off on the proposed solution, you can then use exactly the same simulation to directly program the physical robot. This can save you a huge amount of time and reduce duplicated effort.

RoboDK has an extensive library of robot models from all the major robot manufacturers, allowing you to quickly create realistic simulations, whatever robot brand you use.

How to Use RoboDK in Customer Acquisition

The next time a new potential customer asks you for a proposal, consider using RoboDK to create a simulation of their solution to help speed up the proposal process.

Your potential customer doesn’t even need to install RoboDK on their computer to see and interact with the simulation. With RoboDK for Web, you can send them a simple link from the RoboDK Desktop version to RoboDK’s free online interface and they can give you immediate feedback on your proposed robotic solution.

Try RoboDK today and start closing more robot integration deals!

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