Moving Robot CAD to the Cloud: The New Onshape Plugin for RoboDK for Web

What if you could combine the power of the world’s fastest-growing cloud-based CAD system with RoboDK’s robot programming capabilities? With RoboDK’s new Onshape Add-in, it’s now possible!

The software landscape for manufacturing is ever-changing. New tools arrive all the time, either to fill gaps in the market or to make better use of the new technology.

Onshape is one such tool. Unlike traditional computer-aided design (CAD) packages, it is entirely browser-based. By using a cloud solution it brings another level of flexibility to manufacturing design.

RoboDK’s team also realized the need for reliable browser-based software. That’s why they released RoboDK for Web back in 2022.

With this new plug-in for Onshape, you can now create product designs and robot programming simulations entirely within your computer’s web browser!

What Is Onshape?

Founded in 2012, Onshape offers cloud-native CAD software. This provides its users with a centralized repository of all design data, making it easy to access, manage, and share design projects from anywhere.

With over two million users, Onshape is very popular. It recently claimed the top spot as the world’s fastest-growing CAD system. It is growing around seven times faster than the average in the market.

Onshape aims to cater to both the specific needs of core engineering teams and non-CAD users. With its wealth of collaboration and agile manufacturing features, it helps foster teamwork from the conception of new products to production.

If you hadn’t heard of Onshape before reading this article, you will almost certainly start hearing about it more. With the growing popularity of collaborative document writing systems, it seems likely that real-time collaborative CAD design will soon become commonplace.

Why Choose Onshape?

As a cloud-based CAD system, Onshape offers a variety of benefits for engineers and designers.

Here are some benefits using Onshape:

Cloud-based Solution

One major benefit of the system is that it eliminates the need for expensive hardware.

As the software is not installed locally, you only need a computer with the capability to run a compatible web browser. You don’t need extensive storage space to hold large project files because everything is stored in the cloud.

Collaboration and Sharing

Onshape is sometimes referred to informally as the “Google Docs of CAD” due to its powerful collaboration features.

You can easily share your CAD designs with both licensed and non-licensed users of Onshape. Non-licensed users can simply view the designs. Licensed users with shared file permissions can simultaneously edit designs in real-time.

Stability and Software Updates

Onshape also stands out thanks to its stability, regular updates, and free learning resources.

Regular updates are released every few weeks and the company provides a live link to check the application’s status and diagnose network issues.

If you do have any issues with the software, Onshape provides extensive training resources and it is supported by an active user community.

Introducing… the New RoboDK Onshape Plugin

What if you could combine the power of cloud-based CAD with a similarly powerful browser-based robot programming?

This is where the RoboDK plug-in for Onshape comes in!

In the plugin, you simply export your CAD file from Onshape and it will show up in the RoboDK window.

Unlike some of RoboDK’s other plug-ins, which are designed for the desktop version, this one works with RoboDK’s online tool: RoboDK for Web.

RoboDK’s CEO Albert explains:

“As with all our plugins, the Onshape plugin is free. We have integrated it with the free-to-use RoboDK for Web. Once you install the App, a window in RoboDK for Web will show that it has been embedded. We are also adding project templates to our library to make it very easy to get started with robot simulation and programming directly from Onshape.”

RoboDK for Web is designed for creating quick proofs of concept and sharing robot simulations. If you want access to more features, you can then download your project directly to RoboDK for Desktop to keep working on it further.

Is This Plugin Right for You?

If you are already using Onshape and you’re looking to get into robot programming, this new plug-in is a must-have!

If you are new to RoboDK, now is a brilliant opportunity to explore it. With RoboDK’s extensive training library and supportive user community, it’s easy to get started with robot programming even if you have never done it before.

If you haven’t tried Onshape yet – maybe you’re a RoboDK user looking for a new CAD software – you can test it to see if it is the right solution for you.

One factor to consider is how important it is that your CAD software is collaborative. Onshape’s real-time collaboration features can certainly be helpful if you are working with remote teams.

How to Get Started Using the New Onshape Plugin

Wondering how you can try out the new Onshape plug-in for yourself?

The best way to assess if it meets your needs is just to try it for yourself! Make a robotic simulation with your Onshape CAD design and see how easy it is to transfer your design into the software for robotic simulation.

You can install the RoboDK plugin from Onshape’s App Store. You may need to create an account with Onshape first. Then, you can try Onshape and RoboDK for free. You can find more information in the RoboDK documentation.

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