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5 axis robot
    Is it possible to create a robot with 5 axis?
Hi fmontemayor, 

We don't have an option to directly create a 5 axis robot. 
However, you can create a 6 axis robot and put the 5th and 6th axis at a distance of 0 mm and then limit the rotation of the 6th axis to 0 degree. In other words, you just ignore the 6th axis. 

That should do the trick. 
(Btw I never tried it, I'm just telling you what I would try.)

Thanks Jeremy,

Please review the robot, move it with Alt + Left click it's not possible


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.robot   Scorbot 2.robot (Size: 291.3 KB / Downloads: 194)
Hi fmontemayor,

At the moment, it's totally normal. The way you built the robot, it's impossible for RoboDK to calculate the Inverse Kinematic of the robot.
I really don't understand what you did with your axes 4, but it's not cutting it mathematically speaking.

Did you try what I suggested you with the axes 5 and 6?

(03-18-2019, 05:15 PM)Jeremy Wrote: Did you try what I suggested you with the axes 5 and 6?


I tried several configurations, but the problem is the orientation of axis 4

Can you help me build the robot, please?

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I added the files


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.zip   Scorbot (Size: 2.05 MB / Downloads: 210)

Please confirm if the uploaded files are correct?


Hi there,

I tried a bit and didn't achieve better results than you.
RoboDK does not support custom 5 axis robot building, but it is worth the try.

Do you own a professional license? If it's the case, we can build it for you using our intern tools.

Hi Jeremy

Thank you for your answer.

I have an educational license with the name of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon.
The robot is for academic use only.
I plan to use robodk to program the Scorbot ER-IX robot in the robotic laboratory.

Have a great day,

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