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Getting linear speed of the robot using the Python API
Hi there,

I'm using the 3D printing feature of RoboDK.
I have used a Python program to command the extruder (via serial port). Though, to extrude with a proper feed rate, I need to get the current linear speed of the robot at any time and pass it to the extruder controller board.
I have seen there is a method to set the speed but any idea how to get the linear speed?

Hi Poe,

You can store the linear speed in your post processor. The speed is provided through the setSpeed function of your post processor:

We also have an example in our documentation that shows how you can calculate the average linear speed of the robot when you take accelerations into account:

In this example, the variable speed_mms is the average speed between two points assuming the robot needs to accelerate/decelerate. We use this average speed to update the extruder signal.


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