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Integrating Intel RealSense Camera with UR Robot in RoboDK

My team is working with an Intel RealSense Depth Camera D455 and a UR10 robot to detect an object and have the robot pick up and place the part. We currently have an external Python script that outputs coordinates given by an object detection model, however, we are struggling to pass the coordinates to the UR robot through RoboDK. Is it possible to simply just run the Python script in RoboDK and set the target coordinates in RoboDK to the output of the program? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

It is my understanding that you already have the Python script to process the Intel RealSense and find your coordinates.
Since you are dynamically updating targets, you are also using RoboDK as a driver for the UR10.

With RoboDK, you can use our Python API to update targets in the station, or to directly drive the robot to a calculated pose.
Your existing script can also be imported in your RoboDK station and called programmatically by RoboDK itself.
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