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Issues since maintenance expiry
Two worries since our maintenance license expired:

Firstly, I get an annoying pop-up stating the maintenance license expired every single time RoboDK starts up, over and over again. Can this pop-up please be turned off?


Secondly, the UI additions plugin suddenly no longer loads on startup when launching RoboDK by opening an existing .rdk file from Windows file explorer. I get a pop-up saying "You will need to restart robodk or load the plugin with an empty tree for the changes to effect." When I do close RoboDK and launch it again by opening the .rdk file from Windows file explorer nothing has changed, and I get the same pop-up over and over again. The plugin does load when I launch RoboDK by itself. What's going on?


Best regards,


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You can skip the maintenance renewal prompt by adding the -SKIPMAINT argument.
See RoboDK command line arguments:

I cannot reproduce the issue with the UI plugin. Is it specific to a .rdk file?
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Hello Sam, where and how should I parse the -SKIPMAINT argument? I'm too unfamiliar with command line options to understand, perhaps a step by step explanation would help. Where do I enter "RoboDK.exe -SKIPMAINT", if this is indeed the correct command?

I also tried via the API: following the analogy of the example on the page you linked I got to RDK = Robolink(args='-SKIPMAINT'), which I ran from a Python script, but to no avail.

Re the UIadditions plugin: It loads as expected when launching RoboDK by itself; with RoboDK already running and opening a .rdk file from windows file explorer, it still works. But it does not load whenever RoboDK is not yet running but gets launched by opening a .rdk file from windows file explorer. The latter is the case for any .rdk file. This issue only appeared after maintenance expiry.

Best regards,

You can follow these steps to add a command line argument by default when starting RoboDK:
  1. Right click on the RoboDK shortcut (in your Desktop, start menu or your own shortcut)
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select the Shortcut tab
  4. You can add custom commands to your target:
    C:\RoboDK\bin\RoboDK.exe -SKIMPAINT
  5. Select OK

Adding -SKIPMAINT to the shortcut target works when opening RoboDK via this shortcut. But when RoboDK is launched by opening an .rdk file, the maintenance prompt is still issued (I assume because this way it doesn't launch via the shortcut).

Also, the UI additions still doesn't load when launching RoboDK by opening an .rdk file.

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