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(Nachi) Generate programm... Points are shifted by values of userframe


When I'm generating my programm for sanding with a Nachi MZ12-01 it gives my points shifted by the value of the userframe.
The userframe is added on every of my axis and I don't really know why...
The simulation is working fine...of course the program isn't usable on the robot cuz the points in the generate programm aren't reachable.

How do you want to specify the coordinate system you are using?

You can make the following edit to export all targets with respect to its own coordinate system:
  1. Open the file: C:/RoboDK/Posts/
  2. Comment the line self.REF_FRAME = pose (around line 260, just add the # character in front)
Nachi and OTC use this same post as they use the same controller.
Tried it, but failed...
When I'm simulating everthing is fine.

The points in the generated program are out of reach but I don't know why it is happening like this.

a video says more than tousand words...
Hope you can help and show what is going wrong.
I think my question is related to this:
I can't get into the post processor anymore.
I would like to make some changes... is it possible ?

You can take the OTC one available here:

Otherwise, if you own a professional license of RoboDK under maintenance, you can go to "Help"->"Request support" and ask for the unlocked post-processor.

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