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Some issues as newbie with roboDK and Niryo One

Hi forum,

I downloaded the latest trial version (V5.2.0.19949)of roboDK and installed it on a Linux computer (Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 Tessa). I also have a Niryo One robot available here. Can I control the real robot with the trial version or is it only possible to simulate the robot with the trial version? A connection does not seem possible. The Niryo One can be reached in roboDK via ping, the port is according to Niryo 9090 by default. When I click on Connect, the connection status failed. Am I doing something wrong? With the standard software for the robot, I can operate the Niryo One perfectly.
Another problem is that I cannot create the program because the Niryo One is not in the list of post processors. If I now choose any other processor (Mitsubishi in this example) I get the following error (see attached screenshot).

Thanks in advance,


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We currently do not have a post processor or a driver for the Niryo robot.

Can you provide us a sample program that runs on the robot? We can help you create a post processor and a driver.

More information about post processors here:

More information about drivers here:
The error generating a program is related to your text editor not being properly selected. I recommend you to set your editor here:
  1. Tools-Options-Program
  2. Select Set here: Show program in text editor
Hi Albert,

thank you for your help.  I found the text editor option and set it to the correct path. This works. I have found a generated file inside my tmp folder (see attached file Unfortunately I get another error. (see attached file error_2.png)

A working example for me ist the following snippet. I could run the script on the raspberry inside the robot. The python api  and also the ROS-Stack is on github:

Thak you in advance,

#!/usr/bin/env python

from niryo_one_python_api.niryo_one_api import *
import rospy

n = NiryoOne()

n.move_joints([0, -0.321, -0.163, 0.029, 0.464, -0.015])
n.move_joints([0.515, -0.836, -0.659, 0.501, 1.493, -0.035])
n.move_joints([-1.179, -0.328, 0.507, -1.805, 1.218, -1.463])
n.move_joints([-1.179, 0.064, -0.6960000000000001, 2.2640000000000002, 1.473, 1.832])
n.move_joints([1.836, -0.502, 0.97, -2.275, -1.227, -1.478])
n.move_joints([0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0])
n.move_joints([0, 0, 0, 2.209, 0.005, -2.222])
n.move_joints([0, 0, -1.345, -0.009000000000000001, 0.009000000000000001, -0.005])

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.py (Size: 2.14 KB / Downloads: 287)
Hello Albert,

after i installed and selected idle i could use the post processor. It seems that the change in RoboDk's interface regarding the text editor is somehow stuck.

Does the example for the Niryo helps to build a driver and post processor?


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