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Staubli TX90L CS8C With RoboDK


I have Staubli TX90L running on CS8C controller, 
The test applications that came with the controller run just fine, I work in Rhino/RhinoCAM and tried to do a simple engraving test on the machine but the controller does not seem to like the code I'm uploading to it.

I am using the VAL3 Machining post processor, even tried all the other Staubli post processors inside the RoboDK and every time it gives me an error that says application not found.

The only difference I have between the simulation and real life is that the Actual robot does not have a spindle on it yet, but in the simulation, I am simulating with a spindle

I am attaching a code I generated and pictures of the settings for reference,

Thank you!

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I believe that the Staubli VAL3 Machining post processor requires the HSM Software package from Staubli. You can find more information here:

On the other hand, you should be able to customize your own integration to drive your spindle. What issues did you find with the other post processor? The default post processor Staubli VAL3 should work for Staubli CS8 controllers.

Can you provide the RDK project file? We may be able to help you better.
Hi Albert,

Thank you for looking into this for me!
Please see the attached station file.

Spindle integration will be manual, I can easily wire VDF and control the spindle on and off and even RPM manually.

I used every single post processor for Staubli and they all gave me the same error and the robot does not even budge.

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.rdk   TEST STATION TX90L.rdk (Size: 1.12 MB / Downloads: 16)
Hi Albert,

Discussing this issue with Staubli technical support as well and through the log file we found that the application I get from RoboDK is compatible with SRC version s7.5.3 and higher, but my controller runs on SRC verion s5.4.1

What do you think a solution could be, besides upgrading the controller to the s7.5?

Thank you!
In this case I would try with the Staubli S6 post processor which is the one that supports older Staubli robot controllers. It may require minor changes to make it work with the controller version 5. Also, you can try removing all program calls from your setup (such as the change tool and set spindle speed) to have a proof of concept, as shown in the attached project.

If you generate the program now you should obtain a small program you can use as a simple proof of concept. You can try integrating the spindle RPM later.

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.rdk   TEST STATION TX90L-v2.rdk (Size: 1.12 MB / Downloads: 17)

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