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Hello, I am interested in building a digital twin, I work with a UR3 robot, the robodk works to send data to UR3, and I want to have data from UR3, to combine simulation with real data, therefore to have on screen the real movements of the robot. Any idea if this can be done?
Yes, this is possible. There is a script called UR_ActiavteMonitoring that will allow you to update the position of your real robot in RoboDK in real time:

Also, these are some tips to accurately represent your real UR robot in RoboDK:

  1. Make sure to import the robot kinematics in RoboDK by following this procedure:
  2. Make sure to properly define/calibrate your tool:
  3. Make sure to properly calibrate the coordinate system of your part:
ok thanks, I have tried it and it works for me, however I would like to be able to bring to the RoboDK, the variables that I have defined in the UR, for example the value of the timers, is it possible to do it?
I don't think you can remotely extract variables from your UR programs.

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