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Techman Flow File Import


I have created a small program in RoboDK that I want to import in my TM5-700 robot.
I can import project very well, but I see red boxes around the Base icon and Tool Icon on every Point node

I get an error "Point Type is offline" which normally is because the Point node isn't complete, but it seems like it have al necessary settings.



Have you seen this error before, and have you a solution?
I have attached the project file

The Robot firmware is 1.76.3300

I have no problem controlling the Robot from RoboDK and the "Listen" node i TM Flow.

Cheers from Denmark.

Best regards, 
Lauge Simonsen

Attached Files
.rdk   20203007.rdk (Size: 124.85 KB / Downloads: 305)
Hi Lauge,

We improved the TM post processors in the last week. Are you using Windows? If so, I would recommend you to update RoboDK to the latest version.

Also, make sure you import the program and the tool as described in this procedure:

Hi Albert,

Yes I'm using Windows 10.
RoboDK is already up to date.
Import is done according to the guide.

I took a look into the *.dat file in the generated project and see that, when specifying the point position "Type" is "Offline" - in a project generated directly on the Robot's TM Flow "Type" is "R"
Also "robot_model" is not defined in a project generated directly on the robot.

Please see the pictures below.

Do you think this have an influence on the behavior ?



Best regards,
Hi Lauge,

We updated RoboDK this week changing the default offline tag for an R tag for the Techman robot. This is a minor update so if you check for updates it will tell you that your RoboDK version is already up to date.

I recommend you to install RoboDK again and it will work better as we just fixed a few issues related to Omron/Techman robots.
Hi Albert,

I tried your suggestion with the 5.0.1 64-bit Windows version.
But it's still with a "Offline" tag.

I've deleted all files before reinstall, and cleared the registration database.

Hi Lauge,

Just to keep you updated, we received a TM robot last week (first time we actually have the robot in hands).
My goal is to make sure that everything works fine. I already improved a lot of things, but a conference call with the guys at TM last Thursday gave us the information we needed to go further.
I'll keep you posted during the week.

Hi Jeremy,

That sounds good.

I look forward


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