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Universal Robots: moveL / moveP command

On the website (link:, I found that if you use an UR robot, you can use both moveL and moveP commands. I am wondering how I can include the moveP command in the program because only the moveJ, moveL and moveC commands are available in RoboDK (toolbar).

Thank for the reply.

I use the CAD / CAM method for robot programming. When I generate code for a robot controller, I see that only movL commands are used.

movel(p[0.601219, 0.202453, 0.146580, 0.000000, 2.902453, -1.202235])

movel(p[0.601305, 0.202425, 0.146607, 0.000000, 2.902453, -1.202235])

I would expect that moveP will be used. Why it only uses moveL commands?

Thanks for the reply.

It would really help me if anyone could answer the question. I can't find any documentation that would nicely describe the use of the moveP command (if it is even possible to use the moveP command).

Thanks for the reply.
Hi Mitja,

The use of MoveL vs MoveP command is only managed by the post processor. You can go in the post processor and simply change the variable "USE_MOVEP" from False to True.

Your program will then be generated using MoveP instead of MoveL.

Have a good day.

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