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image recognition
I want moving robot arm with  image recognition.
so I have written python script of image classification deep learning model and movement code
but on simulation robot working well, but on real hardware robot didn't move anything

add Attachment my code

What is  wrong?

Thank you.

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.py (Size: 4.4 KB / Downloads: 216)
This is a very interesting OpenCV/TensorFlow project!
We plan on adding similar examples in our Python documentation, which can be found here:

If the simulation is working, but the 'real' robot is not moving, you might have a connectivity/driver issue.
Here's how to connect to your robot through our drivers:
Here's an example on how to connect to your robot from a python script:

If you are still experiencing issues, please provide your station and the connection log ("Connect->Connect Robot->Show log").
Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our YouTube Channel.

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