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robodk API to move the robot freely for teaching


Is there any function that lets move the UR5 robot by hand. Like the button on teaching pendant, where you press it and can move the robot freely to teach it. Would appreciate any help. 

Best Regards,

there is a way of controlling the robot directly from RoboDK. RoboDK comes with several robot drivers, including Universal Robots.
You could have a look into that to figure out how to connect your computer properly to your robot controller.
Furthermore there is an example for the Python API which allows you to control the robot via your keyboard.
That is what you wanted to do, right?
I have not tried that example yet, but I think it can lead you to the functionality you are looking for.

Best regards
Hi DavidG,

Thank you for your reply. What I was asking was about a function that lets the move UR5 freely. For example, if UR5 is connected to power, you cannot move the joints by hand. But if you press the button on teaching pendant, you can move the robot. It is used to teach the robot. I want to know if there is any robodk api function that does this.

Best Regards,
Ok, so you are looking for an API function that unlocks the joints of your robot. I can not be sure, but I can not imagine that this is possible using the API straightforward. The way I see it, RoboDK is build for creating robot programs. What you would like to do is accessing parameters of your robot controller.
Can you describe why you need to use the API for that? Maybe we can find a workaround for that (assuming I am right and it is not possible to use the API). Right now I can not see which advantage you get from using the API instead of the teaching pendant.

Best regards
Hi David,

I want to implement learning by demonstration using RoboDK. Particularly, Task-Parameterized Gaussian Mixture Model. The reason I asked about this, I am not sure that if I run the program from robodk (Online programming), will I be able to use teach pendant to unlock the joints. I will have access to the real UR5 tomorrow, so I will check. It was just concern beforehand. Thank you for your help.

best regards,


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