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Attach an aggregate (3D Model) to a robot arm

Good evening,

I have the need to insert a 3D aggregate on the arm of the robot Comau-Smart5-NJ-370-2-7.

I have followed the advice given in the following topic:

But in my case the robot has a non standard axes configuration having a mechanism that moves combined with the axes that is not counted in the 6 axes of the robot and I have not found the way to modify the model of the robot nor have I any idea how to create it starting from 0.

Can someone explain me how to do it?

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.rdk   Attach.rdk (Size: 1.67 MB / Downloads: 207)
You can attach objects to a robot link using this example:
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Or you can use this method:

You can attach an object to a robot arm by following these steps:
Position the robot to its home position
Position the object where you want it to be on the robot
Select Tools-Run Script
Select Add_Object_To_Robot
Select the object if prompted
Select the robot link

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