RoboDK TwinTool

Automated tool calibration
for robots

RoboDK TwinTool Features

Automated tool calibration (TCP)

  • Calibrate spherical and conical tools

  • Up to 0.250 mm accuracy

  • Programming experience not required

  • Automatic collision avoidance

  • Support for over 700 robots

  • Easily create your Digital Twin

  • Supports multiple linear gage sensors

  • Easy integration

Forget about manually calibrating your
robot tools

RoboDK TwinTool - Unlimited point recordings

How it works

No programming skills required

  1. Choose your robot

  2. Connect the robot

  3. Connect the sensor

  4. Move the robot to the sensor and start the calibration procedure

Adjust machining tools
using the sensor as a tool setter

RoboDK TwinTool - Setup

Self-calibration that gives you accurate results

  • Automated self calibration

  • 0.001 mm sensor accuracy

  • Up to 0.250 mm tool accuracy

TwinTool is a cost-effective, quick, and easy solution to improve the robot tool's accuracy

RoboDK TwinTool Accuracy

Extensive library

RoboDK supports over 700 robots from 50 different manufacturers

  • Easily generate programs for your robot controller

  • Automatically calibrate tools for robot machining

Find your robot in the RoboDK library

Supported sensor brands include
Mitutoyo, KEYENCE and Sylvac

Proven Software Technology

From the world's largest companies
to startups.

Over 50,000 users in 50 countries
trust RoboDK Software.

RoboDK customers

RoboDK TwinTool Applications

Robot machining


Robot Welding


Robot dispensing


Robot inspection


Robot painting


Robot cutting


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